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    No longer carry chopsticks, just spray before dinner!

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    I don't know if you are the same as me. When you eat and dine with your friends, colleagues and classmates, you don't like to use the disinfection tableware in restaurants. Although the country advocates environmental protection, you can't resist the use of the main disposable chopsticks. There are also some small partners to eat out all have a habit, before dinner must be washed dishes, although the restaurant is provided with good packaging, disinfection tableware, but still use boiling water "hot" once will be comfortable. But can you be sure that it will be ironed out?

    The truth is that...

    High temperatures do kill a few bacteria, but for recalcitrant bacteria, they have to meet certain conditions. Some viruses, at least 100 degrees Celsius in boiling water cook for 10 minutes, in order to completely kill the bacteria. And if you're using free tea in the restaurant, you can tell that these teas are usually warm water, even if hot water doesn't reach 100 degrees celsius. This temperature can not play the role of sterilization, most of the dust is removed in the air, bacteria still exist!

    The experimental result is that

    The experiment of disinfecting tableware by boiling water has been carried out. The experimental results after comparison, the dishes in the boiling water poured hot, not only to the 3% bacteria decreased, the effect is very weak... Originally, pour boiling water before meals with hot dishes not much use, only self comfort! Therefore, boiling bowls with boiling water before eating can kill only a small number of microorganisms, and can not guarantee the killing of most pathogenic microorganisms.

    "Haimiao" antimicrobial use patented technology and equipment, with sea salt as raw material, through a series of electrolytic parameters, produce high purity chlorine gas stored in the water, within six months of its stable concentration can ensure the sterilization effect reached 99.999%.

    The use of sea salt, pure water, electrical products in the production process, do not add any chemical preparation of acid and alkali, no waste gas, waste residue, waste water and other pollutants, will not pollute the environment; in the process of using no chemical toxins and other harmful residues, no carcinogens, no teratogenic, mutagenic not. Production, use process safety, environmental protection, high efficiency.

    "Haimiao" antibacterial liquid can inhibit Escherichia coli, golden staphylococcus, Candida albicans, norovirus, dysentery bacillus and streptococcus. The antibacterial for environmental disinfection, disinfection and disinfection of oral dental appliances, tableware, fruits and vegetables, such as the general surface of the foot.

    For ease of use, we "haimiao" antibacterial liquid bottled, the family pack, a small spray bottle packaging. Infants and weak elderly can use our "haimiao" antibacterial liquid. No longer carry chopsticks, just spray before dinner! You can eat at ease!


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