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    Schematic diagram of bacteriostasis principle
    The electrons carried by lightning when it strikes the sea will cause physical and chemical changes in the salt (NaCl) in the sea water.
    It produces oxidants such as gaseous available chlorine, decomposes bacteria in seawater and then reduces them to salt, thus achieving a virtuous cycle.
    This is a self-purification mechanism of nature.


    About haios biotechnology

    Rongcheng Heios Biological Technology Co. Ltd. is the only effective solution of gaseous chlorine manufacturers sales, mainly engaged in product manufacturing and sales of independent research and development of effective gaseous chlorine dioxide solution and water treatment planning and water treatment equipment. The main products for independent research and development of effective chlorine gas - "haimiao" antibacterial liquid, committed to many areas of health, food processing, drinking water, city sewage, aquaculture, daily disinfection etc..


    application area

    "Excellent haimiao" antimicrobial effect, no residual odor, non-toxic side effects, and the "three no" characteristics (not carcinogenic, teratogenic and mutagenic not), belongs to the environmental protection disinfectant. Products are suitable for water treatment, industrial water recycling, aquaculture, livestock farming, food processing, health care, livelihood products and so on.


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